Car Run

Car Run

Saturday, September 21, 2013

2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the 1914 car run to organize a 200-mile stretch of the Kansas White Way

Update: Plans are now underway to hold another car run honoring the 100th anniversary of the Kansas White Way in May 2014. Tentative plans are for May 10 or May 17, both Saturdays. 

This time, though, the focus has broadened to work toward a designated Kansas Scenic Byway following the White Way route. It's an ambitious goal and will require a vast amount of work not only on a community level, with representatives from each city and town on the route working in tandem, but on a legislative level, too. 

We need your help! The car run will inaugurate the effort to create a scenic byway, so for now the car run will be the main emphasis of our planning. We're looking for car clubs, vintage motorcycle clubs, Cushman clubs, and anybody else who would like to be included. We intend to have two starting points, in Atchison and Concordia, though the western terminus might be shifted toward the junction of Highway 9 and 24. Frankfort remains the destination, just as it was in May 1914.

A firm date will be determined on October 4 by popular vote. If you wish to be included in the voting process, contact the administrator at 785-363-7228 or  

For more information, contact the administrator via e-mail or phone.

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